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Clover and Closed Loop Served Up SIX Telly Awards for “KITCHEN” TV Spot

Clover and Closed Loop are a 2023 Gold Telly Award winner alongside 5 other bronze and silver distinctions for their :30 spot "Kitchen."

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Recap: Google Marketing Live 2023 Themes & Announcements

AI is the focus for Google in 2023. Get the full skinny on the major themes and announcements during this year's Google Marketing Live event.

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Agency POV: Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max is here to stay. Get our agency POV on how e-commerce brands should navigate the landscape as Google continues its investment.

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On The Contrary Ep.3: Scalable Creative Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Our third episode of On The Contrary explores all things creative – specifically why we believe new assets and content can be developed without taking...

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4 New Rules for PPC Ad Creative

Outside of audience targeting and bid optimization, here's how advertisers can leverage machine learning to enhance the creative process.

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bidding on branded keywords

Should You Stop Bidding on Your Branded Keywords?

Thinking about pausing bidding on branded keywords? Learn about the opportunity loss brands may face in the long-term.

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How to Build a SaaS PPC Campaign That’s Built to Last

With SaaS PPC, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. However, check out these recommendations to ensure your account is built to last.

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Why DOOH Is Integral to Your Marketing Mix

DOOH (Digital Out of Home) is highly measurable. Learn how Its advanced targeting and placement capabilities are great for brand awareness.

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Performance Max: Managing the Automated

Performance max has been met with skepticism due to its lack of control and data visibility. Here's how to manage the automated.

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