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google marketing live

Google Marketing Live 2022: What You Need to Know

Google Marketing Live unveiled many updates for its ad products. Here's a recap of the event with key takeaways for advertisers and brands.

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3 Tactics to Assist Paid Search Automation Efforts_hero

3 Tactics to Assist Google’s Paid Search Automation Efforts

Google's automation can only be as good as the data it receives. Here are 3 tactics to help drive quality data to empower automation.

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Agency Advice: 5 Signs of a Strong Digital Media Partner

Evaluating a digital media partner is not an easy task. Here are 5 good signs companies should look for when narrowing their selection.

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5 Tips to Improve Lead Quality on LinkedIn

It's no secret lead generation on LinkedIn is expensive. Use these tips to improve lead quality and drive efficiency.

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Google Ads: 6 Forgotten Tools That Boost Campaign Efficiency

Keeping up with Google Ads can feel like binging a bad reality show. Here are six not-so-new features you should implement today to drive campaign...

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5 Ecommerce Holiday Trends You Should Know

The holiday shopping season is officially here. Discover the PPC trends and recommendations you need to know to drive success for 2021.

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13 Ways to Reduce Your Google Ads CPA

Despite recent Google Ads changes, marketers can still improve acquisition efficiency. Here are the latest best practices for optimizing CPA.

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How Facebook Messenger Generates Cost-effective, Trackable Leads

Facebook Messenger and lead forms drive lead flow immune to the tracking woes caused by iOS 14.5. Here's how — with a step-by-step guide.

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The Hard Truth About Scaling: You Have to Ride the Wave

Short-term inefficiencies occur during testing and scaling. Here's why and how you can prep your team for the bumpy ride ahead to success.

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