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Giving Back, A Closed Loop Tradition

It's giving season once again. See how our employees are giving back to our local and global communities through our charitable giving program.

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Agency POV: Should Brands Stop Advertising on Twitter?

The future of Twitter is uncertain amid Elon Musk's acquisition. Here's what brands should consider when advertising on Twitter.

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The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Into CTV

Brands need to be where their customers are. And CTV is teeming with opportunities. Get The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Into CTV.

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5 Signs of a Positive Client-Agency Relationship

Having a positive client-agency relationship is vital for success. Here are 5 good signs that show your partnership is on the right track.

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Unleveling the Playing Field

Join Closed Loop and industry experts as they push the boundaries of ‘best practices’ that take brand strategies from ‘industry standard’ to exceptional execution and...

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5 Tips for Strong Media Planning During a Recession

Is a recession in our near future? Maybe? Fear not, advertisers. Here's how to keep your media planning on track for continued growth.

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4 Facebook App Strategies to Reduce Costs

Did you know experimenting can optimize conversion rates further than machine learning? Here's how to improve RSA conversions with proven strategies.

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How to Retain Talent During the Great Resignation

Many agencies are struggling to retain skilled employees during the Great Resignation. Here's how building a culture of trust can help.

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Top 4 Data Challenges Among Agency Clients

It's critical to avoid common data challenges to stay on track. Here are the most frequent issues our clients face and how to overcome them.

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