Ad Age Recognizes Closed Loop as a Best Place to Work in 2021

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Closed Loop continues to be an employer of choice. Learn about our 4th consecutive win for Ad Age's Best Places to Work in 2021 and why our employees love to work here.

The results are in! We are honored to be ranked 4th on the list for Ad Age Best Places to Work 2021. This accolade was awarded to top companies who scored the highest numerical score based on survey data submitted by their employees.

Companies were assessed across six different criteria: company culture, company environment, employee benefits, employee development, employee engagement and employee perks.

Closed loop: A culture of caring

For the fourth consecutive year, Closed Loop has made Ad Age’s esteemed list. In 2021, the publication explicitly recognized our unique culture of caring. The emphasis on empathy, communication and giving from Closed Loop’s leadership team continues to resonate with our employees abroad, despite a tumultuous year during COVID-19.

Our employees come first

Times were challenging in 2020. Companies navigated uncharted waters as social distancing became critical to health and safety. Many agencies found themselves moving their brick and mortar offices to a remote workforce. With a pulse toward the future, Closed Loop was already a remote entity with more than 70% of its employees installed across the country. 

While other agencies were grappled the new normal, Closed Loop focused on its employees’ well-being during the unprecedented year. Instead of applying intensity to workforce transition like other firms, leadership elevated its practice of flexibility and empathy to support the evolving needs of employees.

“I try not to overcomplicate things, and over engineer systems or processes as it related to people management,” said Closed Loop founder and CEO Lance Loveday to Ad Age. He continued, “Why in the world wouldn’t you find a way to offload them, and reduce the pressure on them, so they can get back into balance to return to being a star performer for you.

"While the pandemic proved to be a rough time for us all this past year, I additionally experienced tremendous loss in my family. The empathy I received from Closed Loop was beyond belief. Without hesitation or ask, I received the time off needed to balance my personal and professional life. It's not everyday a company invests in your well-being. I'm so thankful for my Closed Loop family for being a support system when I needed it most."
Kristan Rodriguez
Content Marketing Manager

It’s bigger than us

At Closed Loop, we aim to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives we serve, including our employees, clients and local communities. We live to fulfill this goal by actively supporting several non-profit organizations, providing employees time off for volunteering and funding annual donations to causes chosen by each employee. Despite COVID-19 putting a financial strain on budgets for many companies, Closed Loop upheld its promise to be a force for good.

"I'm proud to work for a company that prioritizes giving back. Each year, we are encouraged to make a donation to an organization of our choice on our corporate credit cards. This year, I chose to give back to an organization that took my puppy in before he was mind. The Adoption Center NY changed my life forever, and I am grateful. Thank you to Closed Loop for enabling me to make a difference so close to home."
Kerri Potter
Digital Advertising Manager

Communication is paramount

During the pandemic, social distancing put a dampen on company culture for many agencies as they transitioned to remote work. Maintaining internal rapport as employees worked from home became a top priority for businesses. However, Closed Loop’s existing remote infrastructure and practice of consistent communication continued to provide a positive work environment. Virtual happy hours, collaborative tools and entertaining Slack channels remained staple, if not more, to sustain high-spirits and camaraderie. 

"We have an incredibly strong foundation of communication at Closed Loop. Most of the team is remote, but it never feels like we are far away from each other. The rapport we develop with each other is so strong. Having a number of digital tools we employ makes collaborating remotely much easier, but the bonds and the camaraderie we have within the organization are things that can't be bought. They are cultivated through excellent leadership and careful, diligent recruiting."
Caille O'Leary
Business Intelligence Manager

An employer of choice

Without a doubt, the culture at Closed Loop is unique. Our dynamic work culture continues to resonate with our employees, regardless of role or location. We’re proud to be an employer of choice for the fourth year in a row. 

You’ve heard what our employees think! Learn more about our career opportunities below.

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