Unlocking Opportunity: Closed Loop Empowers Local Robotics Team’s Journey to BattleBots

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Maximizing potential and stewardship are core values of Closed Loop. Learn how we're living these values through our BattleBots sponsorship of the combat robotics team at Berkeley.

Unlocking potential is at the heart of Closed Loop. Our paid media experts lead client campaigns to maximize performance. Simply said, we’re in the business of helping people realize massive, exponential growth.

Qualified leads, increased ROI, compelling creative and sales are often the results that make a difference to our clients. But our passion for unlocking potential doesn’t stop there.

We drive impact for all, including our communities, local and abroad. Closed Loop CEO and founder Lance Loveday is a walking testament to making a difference in the lives of others.

This year, Loveday spearheads Closed Loop’s sponsorship of Glitch—a formidable four-foot-wide, 250-pound contender on the sixth season of BattleBots, a popular robotics competition show aired on the Discovery Channel.

Unlocking potential for all

Designed by the combat robotics team at the University of California-Berkeley, Glitch is a daydream come true for 19-year-old mechanical engineering student and team captain Kyle Miller. For Loveday, BattleBots was a chance to bet on someone he believed in.

Since 2018, Loveday has worked directly with Placer Advanced Robotics and Technology (PART), a local non-profit organization supporting high school students interested in competitive robotics and technology. Serving on the board of directors as a volunteer and mentor, Loveday has been a long-time fan of Miller, a former member turned rookie entrant on the global stage of BattleBots.

Last year, Miller took steps on his high school dream of being on BattleBots and submitted an early team design of Glitch that got accepted and cast for the show.

“I fell in love with the design from the moment he showed me,” said Loveday. “And I obviously have known Kyle since his high school days. I saw the rendering of what he envisioned to build, and I knew it needed to come to life.”

While many businesses often attach financial gain and exposure to sponsorships, Closed Loop supported Glitch and Miller to further its calling of unlocking potential for all.

“It’s not one of those things where it’s about ROI on a sponsorship,” said Loveday. “I knew it was something Closed Loop should do because it was an opportunity to help make something happen.”

Miller also noted the impact of Loveday and Closed Loop’s support. For BattleBots rising star, getting financial backing wasn’t an easy feat.

“When I started the BattleBots team at Berkeley, a lot of people were hesitant to give an unknown rookie the financial support that was absolutely necessary because BattleBots costs so much. Lance and Closed Loop stepped up. They knew from our work at PART that we had what it takes. Because of that belief in us, we were able to get it off the ground, build Glitch and go to BattleBots.”

Loveday was beyond ready to make a difference for Miller, his team and the local community.

“Giving back is part of Closed Loop’s culture,” said Loveday. “Stewardship is also one of our values. We are good stewards of our clients and their businesses. I also take that same philosophy to the community front. Contributing to robotics and STEM education creates opportunities, especially for those who might not have the resources.”

 Team Glitch’s No. 1 fan

And, so began the journey of team captain Kyle Miller and his team to season six of Battle Bots. They filmed in Las Vegas, NV in late summer of 2021. While ingenuity and engineering have been left to Miller and his crew to drive Glitch to the Giant Nut, Loveday has been right behind them with unwavering, broad support.

“The support from Lance and Closed Loop has been absolutely incredible,” said Miller. “It means so much to have a sponsor that not only helps us financially but also someone we can turn to for business, marketing and organizational advice. This BattleBots experience has helped our team grow and develop in becoming better engineers, teammates and business people.”

Miller also expressed his delight in Closed Loop’s consistent encouragement for his team’s success.

“Closed Loop is a model sponsor. It’s not just the financial support and professional development,” said Miller. “The main thing is that they love the team. They’re involved. I went to the Closed Loop office recently, and people were wearing Glitch t-shirts, and their employees went to the BattleBots’ filming. Lance and Closed Loop are literally our top two fans.”

Loveday made sure to garner additional support for Miller and the Glitch team by rallying the Closed Loop team. Employees and their families attended the live taping of BattleBots last summer.

And the Closed Loop team continues to encourage victory for Glitch as BattleBots airs on television nationwide. Remote employees across the U.S. now cheer on Glitch from home. 

“Our entire staff and roster of clients in the tech world is looking forward to watching the Glitch team face-off, and they won’t be disappointed,” Loveday said.

In fact, Glitch already has a win under his belt after his debut match on Jan. 27. Catch more of the combat robotics team at UC Berkeley on the sixth season of BattleBots airing now on Discovery at 8 PM EP/PT and 1 AM PT on Discovery+.