Structure Fundamentals: Break Out Campaigns by Device Type

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The Idea

Create separate dedicated campaigns that target ads based on Device Type.


Huge lift in Mobile ad performance. For one mobile-dominant client, we increased conversions by 41% for mobile and reduced the cost per conversion by 36%. Desktop results declined somewhat, but because the total conversion volume was about 90% from mobile it was a huge net win.


While Google recommends having a single set of campaigns with Device Type bid modifiers, we’ve found that in some cases more granular control is needed. Separating campaigns by device type gives us that control, which is especially critical for mobile devices as you basically need to be #1 in most cases in order to show up on a mobile display.


It’s a lot more work to manage multiple campaigns like this, so be prepared to invest the extra time needed if you’re going to try this.

Works Best for Advertisers With:

  • Over half of their conversions coming from mobile devices, and/or
  • Different CTA’s/conversion funnels for Desktop vs. Mobile

Pro Tip

  • Dig deep into the reports on your Mobile campaigns to find additional segments worth targeting more finely with bid modifiers (carrier, OS, geography, etc.)

While no single tip or tactic is going to be a silver bullet, the cumulative impact of multiple tactics can ultimately make a huge difference and help you gain a competitive advantage. Here at Closed Loop, we believe success is about doing 1000 little things right and then keep them optimized at all times to ensure optimal results. We excel at this.

If you’re spending more than $30K/mo on digital advertising and wondering if you could be getting better ROI contact us for a free audit that is guaranteed to make you think differently about your campaigns.


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