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Are you looking for challenging work and an energetic work environment? Hear from Digital Advertising Manager Chris Molony on how he finds fulfilling work at Closed Loop and his tips for success as a paid media professional.

How did you find Closed Loop?

My previous agency director Laurel Galloway started working at Closed Loop and had an opening on her team. 

I was in the job market, and after hearing her rave about it, the stars aligned. It felt like the universe was pushing me to join the team. I’m so glad I joined the Closed Loop team.

Every one here is ready to learn, help, share knowledge and do their best work. And, they're also excited to have fun while doing it all.

What responsibilities do you have in your current role?

As a Digital Advertising Manager, I focus on paid search and display campaigns. I handle the day-to-day management and oversight of my clients’ campaigns, maintain long-term strategy and bring new ideas to my clients to improve their performance. 

Describe a typical day as a Digital Advertising Manager?

I usually wake up and get much-needed caffeine. When I’m alert, I check my clients’ previous day’s performance and spend. I ensure we’re on track with budgets and their individual goals. I also optimize campaigns and manage reporting. 

Each day is different. I could build new campaigns, work on strategic planning, hop on client calls  or catch up on industry news. My role also allows for flexibility for lunch or even a mental break to take a walk outside.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love the constant puzzles and problem-solving. Some are repetitive, and some are new. I’m always learning and growing. 

How would you describe the Closed Loop family?

Eager. Everyone here is ready to learn, help, share knowledge and do their best work. And, they’re also excited to have fun while doing it all. 

When you’re not working, what do you do in your spare time?

It’s a bit cliche, but I love spending time with my friends and family. We visit local breweries and restaurants, attend game nights, watch tv and movies or travel (my personal favorite). Whether it’s a day trip or something requiring more planning, we always have a good time.

Do you have a secret talent?

I’m a singer, just a really bad one. I also pride myself on a quick wit and cracking a good joke from time to time. I also have a wide berth of random knowledge, which makes me decent at trivia.

What’s your favorite TV show and why?

This is a tough one. I love so many! But, I’m a connoisseur of mostly anything on Bravo. Reality TV is a guilty pleasure, but I also watch Friends, Weeds or Schitt$ Creek on repeat. I find all three have great, smart humor. 

What are two lessons you’ve learned as a digital advertising professional?

1. Trust the data. Data is king and queen! And it should guide most decisions. Data always tells the story of a campaign—even if it’s not the story you wanted.

2. Fail Harder. Fail harder. This is true in all of life, especially in digital advertising. Take risks, educated and calculated. And, don’t be afraid to fail. As long as you learn, every failure will lead to greater success down the road. 

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