Hypertargeting: Remarketing + Search

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Create a standalone campaign that layers “remarketing only” on high-volume keywords that would otherwise suck up all your budget.


Reduced CPA by 4x and visibility on keywords we otherwise couldn’t have afforded.


We all have some expensive high-volume keywords we’d like to appear on, but we can’t without busting the budget. This tip lets you show up at least *some* of the time for those keywords.

The idea is to only serve ads when people meet two conditions:

  1. The user has visited your site before (and is therefore on your remarketing list), AND
  2. The user searches on a target keyword


Because of the very tight targeting and relatively small audience being touched, the conversion volume on these campaigns is never going to be huge. But it can be enough to make a difference if the conditions below are met.

Works Best for Advertisers With:

  • Highly competitive, high cost keywords they can’t ordinarily justify bidding on
  • Mature campaigns with strong remarketing lists built up

Pro Tips

  • Broad Match the keywords (in this hypertargeted campaign only) to show up for more keyword variations. Remember – you’re only showing ads to people already on your remarketing list, so you can afford to loosen up the keyword targeting while fishing in this already small user pool.
  • This is an advanced tactic that should only be used by people with hands-on control of the campaigns. Any changes to Campaign settings or changes to the broader remarketing/tracking strategy could impact the effectiveness of this tactic. I.e. Beware of unintended consequences. DO NOT SET & FORGET.

While no single tip or tactic is going to be a silver bullet, the cumulative impact of multiple tactics can ultimately make a huge difference and help you gain a competitive advantage. Here at Closed Loop, we believe success is about doing 1000 little things right and then keep them optimized at all times to ensure optimal results. We excel at this.

If you’re spending more than $30K/mo on digital advertising and wondering if you could be getting better ROI contact us for a free audit that is guaranteed to make you think differently about your campaigns.


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