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Challenging conventional thinking with testing and data analysis is the hallmark of innovation in digital marketing. On The Contrary seeks to enhance performance by breaking the status quo in digital advertising by encouraging new approaches to tackling campaigns through the open exchange of contrarian ideas. Join Closed Loop and industry experts as they push the boundaries of ‘best practices’ that take brand strategies from ‘industry standard’ to exceptional execution and beyond.

In this Episode:

Our third episode of On The Contrary explores all things creative – specifically why we believe new assets and content can be developed without taking forever or costing a fortune to produce. 

In fact, our opinion is that creative can be the most ROI-positive allocation of marketing budget, as long as you have a strategy to scale one resource to meet the needs of many channels and light up ad inventory availability. 

The episode panelists discuss:

  • The reasonable hesitation advertisers may feel about investing in creative, matched with a solution to remove the bloat of fees and ever-extending timelines. 
  • What it means to repurpose, replatform, and level up creative assets with a combination of agency and in-house team collaboration. 
  • How this approach has come to life with clients like Clover, Huckberry, Calm, Maven Clinic, Magnifi, and many others for a fully integrated Creative + Media strategy that leverages key learnings and pivots quickly.


Kayla Kurtz
Host | Director of Sales, Closed Loop

Since entering the digital marketing industry in 2011, Kayla has found joy in marrying her degree in Education with business development techniques to produce a consultative sales process wherever she goes.

While most of Kayla’s time at Closed Loop is spent on expanding our existing client base, she also helps clients successfully navigate the breadth of growth opportunities we can provide through innovation and strategic expansion across emerging media platforms.

Jeremy Olsen
SVP Creative Strategy, Closed Loop

Jeremy heads up the creative services team at Closed Loop. He believes, “There’s a big difference between serving an impression and making an impression.” Alongside his Creative Services team, Jeremy seeks to create dynamic, thought-provoking content for brands to break through the clutter.

Before joining Closed Loop, Jeremy worked with global clients like Samsung, Amazon, P&G and Coca-Cola. He brings enterprise knowledge to the team, ensuring campaigns work seamlessly from strategy to creative and from production to media.

Chris Stone
Director, Growth Marketing, Clover

Chris bills himself as a “Swiss Army knife marketer,” specializing in digital demand generation. In his role at Clover, Chris’ role is to fuel scalable growth using high-end rich media. He helps guide creative direction, asset development, production, and optimization for all digital demand generation programs across search, social, and programmatic media channels.

With more than 12 years of experience, Chris excels at strategic thinking while relishing effective data-driven tactics and tests. As an expert in digital marketing, he takes a multi-faceted approach to developing and leading large-scale qualitative and quantitative insights-based initiatives and solutions to drive revenue.


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