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Challenging conventional thinking with testing and data analysis is the hallmark of innovation in digital marketing. On The Contrary seeks to enhance performance by breaking the status quo in digital advertising by encouraging new approaches to tackling campaigns through the open exchange of contrarian ideas. Join Closed Loop and industry experts as they push the boundaries of ‘best practices’ that take brand strategies from ‘industry standard’ to exceptional execution and beyond.

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International Growth & Expansion

On the Contrary, EPISODE 2

Host: Kayla Kurtz
Closed Loop Panelists: Greg Manfre, Madalyn McConnell, Kathryn Speltz, Megan Rae
Guest Panelists: Taylor Grey, Google

In this Episode:

Expanding into international markets doesn’t have to be as complex and challenging as many brands think. In this second episode of On The Contrary, we explore how the right strategy, tools and partners can drive international campaign success, despite conventional thinking. 

Objections we hear:

  • Budget restraints are a significant obstacle to scaling internationally. Discover how to strategically use a smaller budget by targeting regions and applying similar audience insights.

  • Tapping into new audiences is only feasible with effective messaging. We actually agree with this one! Understand how brands can tailor messaging by taking a crawl-walk-run approach to researching different demographics, sales cycles and cultural nuances to conduct impactful campaign tests.

  • Language translations are a roadblock. Learn about available tools, partners and resources for effective translations that reach and resonate with new customers.

  • International expansion involves too many unknowns. See how Google’s IGAP team can be a great resource in determining benchmarks, market opportunities and forecasting to empower your strategy and stakeholders.    

  • We don’t have boots on the ground. Listen to the case studies that prove otherwise and how localization services with strategic partners can drive your international presence without regionally-affiliated teams as added support.


Kayla Kurtz
Host | Director of Sales, Closed Loop

Since entering the digital marketing industry in 2011, Kayla has found joy in marrying her degree in Education with business development techniques to produce a consultative sales process wherever she goes. While most of Kayla’s time at Closed Loop is spent on expanding our existing client base, she also brings a strong set of efficiency and operational process improvement skills to our team as we continue to grow the agency.

Greg Manfre
Digital Advertising Manager, Closed Loop

Greg has experience across a range of industries from healthcare, to telecom, to SaaS in agencies and in-house. Whether working in paid search or paid social, he has a passion for ensuring audiences are thoughtfully developed to match the highest value customers for his clients. Greg maintains a deep interest in the human side of marketing, with measurable results beyond simple vanity metrics.

Madalyn McConnell
Director of Digital Advertising, Closed Loop
Kathryn Speltz
Digital Advertising Manager, Closed Loop

Kathryn is the living antithesis of “there is nothing new under the sun.” Passionate about finding new opportunities from platforms to industry-breaking strategies, this Minnesota-native-turned-Floridian specializes in driving innovation for paid search and paid social. Leading with business goals in mind, she also seeks to provide value how partners need it most, making it her mission to provide an agile client-agency experience.

Megan Rae
Director of Digital Advertising, Closed Loop

A B2B and B2C, e-commerce and lead gen veteran, Megan brings insights from her previous in-house and agency roles to effectively manage both paid search and paid social campaigns for Closed Loop clients. With the ability to dive into high-level data and client business goals, carefully refining and optimizing accounts through rigorous testing, she focuses on driving the right strategy through the funnel from top to bottom. 

Taylor Grey
International Growth Consultant, Google
Taylor Grey has been with Google nearly 3 years, where he’s currently serving as an International Growth Consultant. In this role, he partners with agencies to scale the global impact of their clients. Previously he served as Strategy & Operations Manager for Google’s Global Ads Marketing business to develop and execute scaled GTM strategies. Prior to Google, he was a Director in MediaLink’s Commercialization & GTM practice. A graduate of the University of Virginia and long-time East coast resident, Taylor currently resides in Manhattan.

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