Closed Loop: 20 Years by the Numbers

How We Roll

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The last 20 years at Closed Loop have truly been rewarding. As we look forward to the future, our commitment to service excellence is renewed.

We continue our mission to help clients achieve exceptional results from paid media advertising.

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve illustrated our achievements in the infographic below. Learn more about Closed Loop—our results, clients, people and culture—cultivated over the past two decades.

It's Finally Here

Average is Losing: A Playbook for Dominating Digital Advertising

My new book, “Average is Losing” is finally here! I created this playbook to help savvy advertisers close the gap between winning and run-of-the-mill paid advertising campaigns.

It’s filled to the brim with the latest strategies, tactics and tips our Closed Loop experts use to help our clients seek exponential growth.

Are you ready to rise above average campaign performance? Start your business on the path to PPC domination today!

– Lance Loveday