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Challenging conventional thinking with testing and data analysis is the hallmark of innovation in digital marketing. On The Contrary seeks to enhance performance by breaking the status quo in digital advertising by encouraging new approaches to tackling campaigns through the open exchange of contrarian ideas. Join Closed Loop and industry experts as they push the boundaries of ‘best practices’ that take brand strategies from ‘industry standard’ to exceptional execution and beyond.

In this Episode:

In the inaugural episode, we explore how marketers can better adapt to increasing automation in managing the granularity of large-scale campaigns while creating additive value through strategic planning to have a greater impact on business objectives.

Our featured guest is former Googler and co-founder / CEO of the advertising platform Optmyzr, Fred Vallaeys, author of Unlevel the Playing Field – The Biggest Mindshift in PPC History. Vallaeys has long been a harbinger of innovation in the digital marketing industry, pushing marketers to scale performance through smart automations and critical thinking in account management.

Points of Contention:

  • Automation is meaningless without human context, so machines cannot take our jobs – our roles as creative and data-driven marketers become increasingly more powerful as we design higher-level strategies to optimize the outcomes from machine learning in advertising. 
  • Ad testing is no longer just about ‘quick tests’ – longer learning phases of experiments are mission critical to judging the long-term success of an account. 
  • Are your inputs the right assumptions? Horrible results from automation are more often a result of teams setting up campaigns poorly or incorrectly. 


Kayla Kurtz
Host | Director of Sales, Closed Loop

Since entering the digital marketing industry in 2011, Kayla has found joy in marrying her degree in Education with business development techniques to produce a consultative sales process wherever she goes.

While most of Kayla’s time at Closed Loop is spent on expanding our existing client base, she also brings a strong set of efficiency and operational process improvement skills to our team as we continue to grow the agency.

Fred Vallaeys
CEO at Optmyzr | Author of Unlevel the Playing Field

Frederick (Fred) Vallaeys is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, author, and leading influencer in pay-per-click search marketing. One of Google’s first 500 employees, Fred quickly established a reputation as a pioneer in PPC marketing as the company’s first AdWords Evangelist. Today he serves as Co-Founding CEO of Optmyzr, a leading and multiple award-winning PPC management software system.

Matt Umbro
VP Digital Advertising, Closed Loop

Matt Umbro is the VP of Advertising at Closed Loop and has been in the PPC industry since 2007. He works and collaborates with clients across several industries to attain better ROIs, improved lead generation, and increased brand awareness.

Kerri Amodio
SR Digital Advertising Manager, Closed Loop

Kerri has over five years of digital marketing experience. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in just three years, she fell in love with advertising while working in-house for B2B tech companies. She has been on the agency side at Closed Loop for the past 2 years. She has a keen eye for detail, a passion for data and analytics and a knack for nurture funnels and overall marketing strategy. Her strong communication skills shine through in her copywriting abilities and becoming a conference speaker is a goal of hers.

Tori Holland
SR Digital Advertising Manager, Closed Loop

Creative by nature, Tori brings her natural passion for visual and verbal arts into her work on paid search, display and video advertising for clients across a wide spectrum of industries, honing in on delivering strategic ads at the right place and time in the buyer journey.


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