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Full-Funnel Measurement Unlocks Growth
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increase in qualified leads


Consolidated Communications is a leading broadband and business communications provider serving consumers, businesses, and wireless and wireline carriers across rural and metro communities and a 23-state service area.



Consolidated Communications came to Closed Loop looking to increase their overall revenue from digital advertising while also improving profitability on campaigns. Over 90% of their conversions happen offline via phone calls so we needed a reliable way to ensure those offline conversions were tracked back to campaigns, identifying high-quality leads and new customers.


Partnering closely with Consolidated Communications and a 3rd party call tracking solution Invoca, we were able to measure phone calls lasting a certain length of time as an offline conversion, tracked at the keyword and ad level. We were able to integrate offline conversions directly into the Google and Facebook platforms. Using Forager, Closed Loop was then able to blend Invoca data with Microsoft Ads. All of that data was then blended with Google & Facebook data to provide a holistic view of campaign performance based on qualified leads.

The insights gained from this full-funnel analysis informed shifts in budget mix and bids to scale total acquisition volume.



increase in
qualified leads

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