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Huckberry, a men’s independent online retailer and lifestyle brand desired to scale their existing customer base and new customer growth. They knew significant growth was possible but struggled with maintaining profitability at higher volume.


To continue inspiring the next great adventure for customers, Huckberry partnered with Closed Loop to revamp its campaign structure, expand reach and drive profitable sales.


Closed Loop and Huckberry launched a comprehensive, audience-first strategy across Google Search, Shopping, Video and Display advertising. Huckberry provided the lifetime value of new and existing customers to determine acceptable ROAS ranges for each grouping: lower targets for new customers and higher targets for returning.

Our paid media experts then segmented all campaigns based on customer type — acquisition, retargeting and retention — and used the power of Google’s tROAS bid strategies to ensure each campaign segment and customer type performed perfectly within range.

The partnership exceeded expectations for revenue goals while staying within ROAS goals. The campaigns drove both new and existing customer growth. Revenue increased 41% YoY and new customers increased 20% YoY. The retailer now has more confidence to scale, test and add new campaign types with uncapped budgets.

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