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Bloomerang is a donor management software platform delivering a better giving experience for small to mid-sized non-profit organizations. Their services include donor/volunteer management, marketing resources and engagement tools to help support missions for non-profits.

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With the key objective to serve non-profit missions better, Bloomerang partnered with Closed Loop to scale efforts and increase volume for their top revenue indicator — Live Demos. The CRM brand desired to grow volume effectively while maintaining lead quality.


After conducting a comprehensive audit, Closed Loop discovered Bloomerang’s initial campaign structure worked against Google’s AI. To increase the volume of quality leads, Google’s AI needed the right signals. Our first order of business was implementing sweeping brand negatives across campaigns.

Because non-brand campaigns drove brand traffic, greater consolidation of top-performing terms was possible. Non-brand strategy was then empowered with ad copy testing and landing page conversion rate optimization.   

Next, budget was focused on top-performing channels, with spend concentrated primarily into singular campaign groups. With Facebook and Google Ads optimized to drive bottom-of-funnel traffic, the focus shifted to top and middle funnel strategies.



Decrease in CPL


Increase in
Live Demos

The impact of these tactics resulted in a groundbreaking achievement for Bloomerang. Account restructuring, machine learning and additional improvements led to Bloomerang reaching its first million dollar month in revenue performance.

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