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Optimized Targeting Generates High-Quality Leads
ROI from LinkedIn ad campaigns in year 1
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As a B2B messaging, content, and sales skills training company, Corporate Visions was looking to reach an audience of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success decision-makers. They knew exactly what their target audience looked like, but the leads they were generating weren’t qualified.  


A few years back, Corporate Visions spent thousands on an ad campaign, but because they lacked a process to analyze the ads, they weren’t able to optimize. As a result, almost none of the leads were high-quality and the campaign failed to benefit their pipeline.


Corporate Visions sought audience optimization recommendations from LinkedIn and used the platform’s targeting capabilities to gather demographic data and exclude job functions that were receiving impressions but had low click-through rates.

These insights helped the marketing team recognize that Carousel Ads were delivering especially high-quality leads, prompting Corporate Visions to increase its investment in this ad type.

With an Insight Tag and conversion tracking enabled, the company was able to track a majority of leads effectively, and then use this data to optimize their campaigns even further.



ROI from LinkedIn ad campaigns in year 1


increase in MQLs year-over-year

Last year, Corporate Visions’ LinkedIn program helped to more than double Marketing’s contribution to overall revenue. This year, the team expects 3X+ growth in revenue contribution.

At the mid-point of this fiscal year, Corporate Visions has already surpassed its new inquiry goal by 193% and is outpacing MQL and SAL creation by 2X of goal.

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