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Fidium, a new fiber internet provider from Consolidated Communications, sought to expand their services across targeted U.S. regions. The company partnered with Closed Loop to expand their customer base and drive revenue through digital channels.


Fidium desired to test whether Amazon display ads and streaming TV campaigns could drive incremental sales – either directly or through organic and brand search growth. During Prime Day, the brand wanted to leverage unspent budget to identify growth opportunities to encourage brand lift.


Fidium created compelling messaging around Independence Day and worked with Closed Loop to run video ads on popular streaming TV apps and display ads during peak site traffic one week before, during and after Amazon’s Prime Day.  Through Closed Loop’s effective audience targeting and media planning, Fidium saw the following results:

  • 9% incremental lift in sales directly from Amazon
  • 47% better ROI compared to other non-brand search efforts

Fidium also learned that consumers were 4x more likely to visit their website after watching both a STV and display ad rather than one or the other. They also recognized 40% of display campaign sales occurred for 3 weeks following the campaign’s end date.  

After finding these tactics effective in encouraging sales and brand lift, Fidium now leverages Amazon STV and display ads in key markets to continue to drive incremental ROI.

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