All of your data, beautifully blended

Enabling deep insights into complex digital ad campaigns

Is your data "all over the place"?

Are you frustrated because your advertising data is in one place, your CRM data is in another place, and revenue data is in yet another place? We understand.

Forager is Closed Loop’s proprietary solution that brings all this data together; to answer questions, tell a story, identify issues, and ultimately drive the business forward

How It Works

Forager starts each day by gathering highly granular advertising data from each platform, normalizes it across platforms, and brings it all nicely together. Then, Forager adds any additional data, such as CRM data, into the pipeline. This data is then blended in for a full-funnel view of your advertising.

Closed Loop Reporting

Forager data is at the heart of our Closed Loop Reporting system, a highly customized web-based reporting platform. The combination of Forager with Tableau for data visualization provides ultimate flexibility to customize and continuously evolve your reporting. 

Here are just a few examples:

What It Enables Us To Do

Our Clients Love It

“I’m the happiest kid in the candy store with Closed Loop’s dashboards and reporting. I’ve got trend charts, executive dashboards, channel summaries, all my KPIs in one view, and filters to cut the data in all the ways I want: by audience, creative, acquisition/retention, mobile/desktop.

Closed Loop has been super nimble in continuously customizing these to meet our changing business needs. I love them! These tools enable me to derive insights for the business very quickly. We’re a lean team that couldn’t do this on our own—so I am so appreciative that Closed Loop can amplify our impact.”

Dan Reardon

Head of Performance Marketing, Vudu

Forager By the Numbers

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