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Netskope is a Silicon Valley unicorn valued at over $3 billion. They are redefining cloud security with their data-centric, cloud-smart approach that enables organizations to secure their digital transformation every step of the way.


  • Maximize form fills and Salesforce opportunities
  • Unique Challenge: Own up-and-coming product segment categories in new markets outside of the US


Closed Loop has grown with Netskope as they expanded their offering and reach beyond the US and Canada into select countries across EMEA, APAC and LATAM.  Localized media campaigns across Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Terminus (ABM) built brand awareness and recall, leading to engagement, lead, opportunity, and closed deal growth.

  1. Leverage Google Export resources and tools to identify top expansion opportunities for Netskope
  2. Develop a localized, full-funnel media plan to support awareness, conversion & nurture activities
  3. Craft new ad copy and ads in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French
  4. Integrate regional martech stacks with ad and reporting platforms to improve data visibility & usage, streamline workflow, and inform decision-making
  5. Advise client on improving of post-click user experience to ensure market-specific alignment



International Opportunities YoY


International Contribution to Total Opportunities YoY

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