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In this issue, we highlight our new Creative Strategy offerings, the impact of iOS14 and Google's postponement of cookie removal to 2023.



Closed Loop is excited to announce our new Creative Strategy offerings to clients.

Now, more than ever, brands need help breaking through the noise with eye-catching creative. From small edits to full-scale production, our comprehensive strategy services are here to help you target your audiences’ attention.

Our Creative Strategy Engagements include:

  • Comprehensive creative audit
  • Content strategy development
  • Creative asset development
  • Ongoing management, testing & optimization

Learn more about the Creative Strategy offerings here.

TESTs, insights & discoveries

IOS 14: The Aftermath & General Implications

Since April 26th, iOS 14 has had a measurable impact on Facebook and Google ad campaign performance across the board. As more users adopt the update, this trend is expected to continue.

Here are our client observations so far into this new era of reduced pixel tracking:

  • Significant but optimistic performance changes
  • Direct impact to conversion tracking via Facebook pixel
  • Cookie opt-outs continue across devices, regardless of platform

Google's Delay of Cookie Removal to Late 2023

Even in light of Google’s recent postponement of Chrome privacy changes until 2023, advertisers should still prepare for tomorrow’s inevitable cookie-less world to come.

How to prepare:

  • Reduce your reliance on cookies
  • Increase first-party data collection
  • Aggressively test audiences
  • Check your backend data

For data concerning the impact of iOS14 and details on how to prepare for Google’s upcoming changes, check out our latest article here.


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Jeremy is a veteran digital marketing executive with 15 years of experience developing enterprise solutions for multi-national accounts, including Amazon, Samsung, P&G and Phillip Morris International. 

When this Michigan native isn’t delivering best-in-class creative strategy for clients, you can find him fishing, kayaking, playing golf or coaching his son’s little-league team.

Picture of Jeremy Olson
Jeremy Olson

Sr. Director of Creative Strategy


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