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Closed Loop Announces Acquisition of Creative Production Studio

Increased Demand & Execution of Successful Video Creative For High Growth Clients Leads to Natural Alignment of Internal Resources

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google marketing live

Google Marketing Live 2022: What You Need to Know

Google Marketing Live unveiled many updates for its ad products. Here's a recap of the event with key takeaways for advertisers and brands.

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3 Tactics to Assist Paid Search Automation Efforts_hero

3 Tactics to Assist Google’s Paid Search Automation Efforts

Google's automation can only be as good as the data it receives. Here are 3 tactics to help drive quality data to empower automation.

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Agency Advice: 5 Signs of a Strong Digital Media Partner

Evaluating a digital media partner is not an easy task. Here are 5 good signs companies should look for when narrowing their selection.

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5 Tips to Improve Lead Quality on LinkedIn

It's no secret lead generation on LinkedIn is expensive. Use these tips to improve lead quality and drive efficiency.

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Google Ads: 6 Forgotten Tools That Boost Campaign Efficiency

Keeping up with Google Ads can feel like binging a bad reality show. Here are six not-so-new features you should implement today to drive campaign...

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Unlocking Opportunity: Closed Loop Empowers Local Robotics Team’s Journey to BattleBots

Maximizing potential and stewardship are core values of Closed Loop. Learn how we're living these values through our BattleBots sponsorship of the combat robotics team...

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Leading Performance Agency Backs BattleBots Contender

6th season features UC-Berkeley STEM students seeking victory in the ring

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5 Ecommerce Holiday Trends You Should Know

The holiday shopping season is officially here. Discover the PPC trends and recommendations you need to know to drive success for 2021.

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