Giving Back, A Closed Loop Tradition

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It's giving season once again. See how our employees are giving back to our local and global communities through our charitable giving program.

It’s officially giving season. Check out the amazing organizations our people have supported this year through Closed Loop’s annual charitable giving program.

A Tradition of Giving

It’s that time of year once again, and our Closed Loop family is already in the giving spirit. As a standing company tradition, we encourage employees each year to donate $100 to a non-profit of their choice courtesy of Closed Loop to empower them to give back to the organizations most important to them.

“All of our giving is about making people’s lives better,” said Amanda Evans, President of Closed Loop. “As an agency, we work every day to make our clients’ lives better, our employees’ lives better, and that extends to the local and global communities that we support.”

Every year, our employees share their charities of choice and its significance on Slack. From animal rescues to medical research and beyond, we’re making an impact one donation at a time.

Check out the organizations our people have supported thus far:

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