Connected TV, Podcasts & Streaming Radio

Reach your audience on the fastest growing digital medium

Break out of traditional digital ad formats with growing, engaging mediums like connected TV, streaming audio, podcasts and more. 

Eliminating guesswork

With so many options, it’s not always easy to know where to start or focus your budget to capture quality leads. Companies need to understand where they fit in, what kind of ads resonate with their target audiences, and how their resources can achieve results. 

Having a partner with a digital, direct-response mindset coupled with accountability and transparency is critical to executing a full-funnel advertising strategy.

We help clients navigate these new mediums strategic insight, vendor management, comprehensive tracking solutions, detailed targeting, audience management, continuous optimization and more. 

Our Connected TV & Streaming Audio Engagements Include:

Comprehensive Media Plan Development

After reviewing your goals and objectives, we’ll create a comprehensive media plan to reach the right audience at the right time.

  • Initial audit of existing ad campaigns
  • Competitive review & insights
  • Media strategy & plan development
  • Budget recommendation
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Full-funnel Tracking

Next, we instrument full funnel tracking to provide the granular data needed to optimize at every stage of the funnel.

  • Initial tracking review against best in class advertisers
  • Instrument full funnel tracking
  • Blend front end & back end (CRM) data using Forager technology
  • Provide Tableau Online license to view and interact with your full funnel results
  • Leverage Google Marketing Platform for ad serving, management and attribution

Vendor & Budget Management

With clear visibility into full funnel performance including brand lift, we’ll allocate your budget to the best performing networks and negotiate the best price for direct buys.

  • Transparency into budget allocation & spend pacing
  • Budget recommendations and management
  • Pricing negotiations for direct buys
  • Script & talent selection recommendations for host-read ads

Ongoing Management, Testing & Optimization

Upon launch of your campaigns, we’ll carefully test and continually optimize each part of your campaign.

  • Cross channel budget management and recommendations
  • Creative & message strategy and testing
  • Audience strategy, creation and segmentation
  • Landing Page recommendations & testing
  • Incrementality testing
  • Media mix analysis & optimization
  • Brand safety exclusions
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