ABM & Layered Targeting

Reach your specific targeted accounts

Need to reach specific companies to meet your sales targets? Get in front of those accounts with ABM and ABM-like campaigns focusing on transparency, layered targeting and first-party data.

Visibility for Your Media Spend

Whether you’re using an ABM platform or not, we create campaigns that not only reach your sales targets but get them to act!

Using 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, we’ll formulate a data-driven strategy to achieve optimal results for our clients across multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, Rollworks, Terminus and more. We’ll measure results deep in the funnel to optimize towards engagement and ultimately revenue.

Maximize your full potential by additionally leveraging layered targeting across search, social, display, video and more. Get transparency and meaningful reporting with our proprietary technology and skilled practitioners.

Our ABM Engagements Include:

Comprehensive Media Plan Development

After reviewing your goals and objectives, we’ll create a comprehensive media plan to reach the right audience at the right time.

  • Initial audit of existing ad campaigns
  • Competitive review & insights
  • Media strategy & plan development
  • Budget recommendation
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Full-funnel Tracking

Next, we instrument full funnel tracking to provide the granular data needed to optimize at every stage of the funnel.

  • Initial tracking review against best in class advertisers
  • Instrument full funnel tracking
  • Blend front end & back end (CRM) data using Forager technology
  • Provide Tableau Online license to view and interact with your full funnel results
  • Leverage Google Marketing Platform for ad serving, management and attribution

Creative & Audience Strategy

Sophisticated audience targeting paired with the right creative and ad format is crucial in a successful ABM campaign.

  • Ad format testing including video, static images, carousels, and motion graphics.
  • Audience segmentation using 1st and 3rd party audience segments
  • Full nurture strategies to re-engage and move leads through the path to revenue

Ongoing Management, Testing & Optimization

Upon launch of your campaigns, we’ll carefully test and continually optimize each part of your campaign.

  • Ad copy, images and video testing
  • Budget allocation
  • Competitive insights
  • Restructuring as needed to stay current and leverage machine learning
  • Landing page recommendations & testing
  • Bid strategy testing & management
  • Incrementality testing
  • Brand safety exclusions

Case Study

ABM Ad Strategy to Support ABM Sales Strategy
Client Goals
Our Strategy

Closed Loop created an ABM strategy using Programmatic Display, Video, LinkedIn and Content Syndication across 11 different media platforms.

A combination of video, newsletter, banner ads, text ads and sponsored content targeted users based upon company names, behavioral, intent and contextual signals.



Content syndication leads


Companies engaged with video & display ads


View Rate for in-stream video ad units 

“Closed Loop has greatly improved the quantity and quality of the leads coming through to our sales team from paid search. They are excellent partners and guides in helping us get the most out of this channel.”
Allison Harris
Tableau Software

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