Reach a highly targeted audience on the platforms they love

Whether you’re trying to reach a niche audience, build brand awareness, capture leads, or drive sales, our media experts will develop a comprehensive, full-funnel paid social strategy to accomplish your unique business goals.

Results-Driven Strategies

Increase ROI and brand awareness across multiple social platforms by employing the right creative, budget, account structures, ad formats and audience targeting to make an impact today. Meet your leads where they are by executing strategic paid social programs that attract and engage them throughout their customer journey.

Our world-class team is Facebook Blueprint certified with strong expertise in Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Take comfort knowing that our specialists have a pulse on where your audience is today and where they might be next.


  • All major social media platforms
  • Audience enrichment
  • Facebook Conversions API
  • Localization Capabilities
  • Ad Creation
  • Incrementality Testing
  • Share of Voice Studies

Success Stories

Data-driven, Audience-first Approach

You may know your audience, but do you know how to reach them? Do you know what creative resonates best? Our data driven, audience first approach to social media ensures you find your audience, the right audience, wherever they may be.

  • Capture valuable 1st party data 
  • Leverage 3rd party audiences with Oracle & Dstillery
  • Enrich 1st party data with Clearbit
  • Discover new audiences with sophisticated AI techniques

Meet Forager

We believe there is power in data transparency. So, we built Forager. Forager is our proprietary data technology which aggregates data and surfaces the most granular data needed to optimize at every stage of the funnel.

This includes:

  • Aggregated data across all channels
  • Integration with Salesforce & other CRM data
  • Blending front-end & back-end (CRM) data
  • Full visibility to goal and budget pacing
  • Tableau Online license to view and interact with your full-funnel results

Creative, Landing Page & Bid Strategy Testing

Testing is part of our DNA. We carefully test and continually optimize each part of your campaign.

  • Cross-channel budget management and recommendations
  • Creative & message strategy and testing
  • Audience strategy
  • Keyword management and discovery
  • Landing Page recommendations & testing
  • Bid strategy testing & management
  • Incrementality testing
  • Media mix analysis & optimization

Develop data-based testing hypothesis
& roadmap


Identify testing method: pre/post, A/B, holdout
or multivariate

Roll test findings into live campaigns

Launch test &
monitor results


Use test insights to inform future tests

Closed Loop knows more about how to get the most out of PPC campaigns than any agency I’ve ever dealt with.  They consistently drive more leads at a better return on investment.


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