Paid Search

Strong performance where you need it

With growing competition and rising advertising costs, it’s no longer about search visibility. You need next-level results — optimizing deep in the funnel, identifying the right audience and leveraging AI to rise above the competition.

Proven paid search experts

Managing over $1 Billion in ad spend, Closed Loop has served as an industry expert in paid search since 2001. As a Google Premier Partner, we empower businesses daily with actionable insights and responsive strategies that power results, attract customers, and outperform the competition.

Through individualized support and a proven process, we enable organizations to reach an average performance lift of 190% growth in their first year of partnership.


  • Google Performance Max Campaigns
  • Responsive Search Ads
  • Google Beta Participation
  • PLA Campaigns
  • UAC App Campaigns
  • Localization Capabilities
  • Copywriting

Success Stories

Machine Learning + Expertise

AI and machine learning have revolutionized digital advertising. But even the most sophisticated machine learning algorithms require human expertise to produce the best results. Our ad managers have in-depth training to understand and work with the machine learning algorithms that major ad platforms use today.

This includes:

  • Instrumenting and managing offline conversion tracking (OCT)
  • Value Based Bidding techniques
  • When to use machine learning and when to not
  • Performance Max campaigns
  • AI for audience targeting

Meet Forager

We believe there is power in data transparency. So, we built Forager. Forager is our proprietary data technology which aggregates data and surfaces the most granular data needed to optimize at every stage of the funnel.

This includes:

  • Aggregated data across all channels
  • Integration with Salesforce & other CRM data
  • Blending front-end & back-end (CRM) data
  • Full visibility to goal and budget pacing
  • Tableau Online license to view and interact with your full funnel results

Creative, Landing Page & Bid Strategy Testing

Testing is part of our DNA. We carefully test and continually optimize each part of your campaign.

  • Cross-channel budget management and recommendations
  • Creative & message strategy and testing
  • Audience strategy
  • Keyword management and discovery
  • Landing Page recommendations & testing
  • Bid strategy testing & management
  • Incrementality testing
  • Media mix analysis & optimization

Develop data-based testing hypothesis
& roadmap


Identify testing method: pre/post, A/B, holdout
or multivariate

Roll test findings into live campaigns

Launch test &
monitor results


Use test insights to inform future tests

“Closed Loop not only kept costs under control while aggressively expanding our international campaigns and keyword coverage, they exceeded our expectations for the growth we would be able to achieve. I highly recommend them not just for their expertise at paid search, but the open, collaborative approach they use to work with us.”

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