Closed Loop Newsletter: Q4 2020


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In this issue, we'll discuss rising brand CPCs, the impact of political advertising on Facebook CPMs, how movement in social ads effects CTR and more.


Here are the latest findings, tactics and winning test results driving impact across our clients’ accounts.


  • Across all our clients, brand CPCs for SEM have hit their highest point in 12 months at $1.39. Our ad managers are working with tools like The Search Monitor to monitor trademarks and remove offenders to keep CPCs low.
  • CPMs on Facebook are rising due to substantial increases in political advertising. We’ve seen about a 36% increase in just the last six weeks. As the election season gets closer, advertisers will need to be aggressive to cut through the clutter. Unfortunately, we expect CPMs to continue to rise until a week before the election.


  • Adding subtle movement to social ads increased CTR by 12% and decreased CPL by 5% for one client this quarter. The slight movement, either on text or static images, is a fantastic way to capture your user’s attention without spending a fortune on video creative. Our designers are ready to help you add this to your campaigns.

What We're Working On

  • We’re helping our clients leverage machine learning further down the funnel more than ever before. Using Facebook Conversion API & Google Offline Conversion Tracking, we’re able to feed MQL and sales data back into Google & Facebook, enabling machine learning and optimization of this lower funnel metric. Putting these mechanisms in place will future-proof campaigns for when cookies become less reliable.

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How to Expedite Facebook’s Learning Phase

Step 1: Edit an ad only once it’s exited the learning phase
Step 2: Consolidate ad sets
Step 3: Make small incremental changes

Read how to implement these steps in the blog article here.

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Brianna Areia

Digital Advertising Specialist, Closed Loop


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