Author: Kristan McCants

How Does Your B2B Growth Marketing Program Compare?

Savvy marketers navigate evolving landscapes, budget shifts, emerging technologies and changes in audience behavior. Take our quick B2B Advertiser Sophistication Self-Assessment to discover the bleeding-edge tactics savvy marketers use today to dominate digital advertising.

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Employee Spotlight: Amy Konefal

What’s the secret to building a long-standing presence in the digital marketing industry? To celebrate Closed Loop’s 20th Anniversary of excellence, we sat down with Director of Advertising Amy Konefal. With over 14 years at Closed Loop, Amy has witnessed the evolution of digital marketing and our agency’s growth. Learn about her career journey and her advice for establishing professional fortitude.

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Closed Loop: 20 Years by the Numbers

The last 20 years at Closed Loop have truly been rewarding. As we look forward to the future, our commitment to service excellence is renewed. To celebrate this milestone, we’ve illustrated our achievements in this infographic.

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