Use Remarketing to Serve Sequential Messaging

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The Idea

You can use remarketing to target ads to users on a sequential basis.


This tactic produces a smaller lift (maybe a 5-10% lift in overall conversions) but is still worth pursuing when the circumstances below are met.


Remarketing can be used not just to target people based on their past behavior, but also based on the ads that have been served previously. Target ads to appear on a sequential basis to move users through a progression of offers or through the sales cycle.


This really only makes sense if you have multiple ads/offers in some logical progression

Works Best for Advertisers With

  • Multiple ads/offers
  • A logical progression
  • B2B Advertisers with a long sales cycle

Pro Tips

  • This tactic can be used successfully for B2B advertisers promoting content assets. For example, if someone sees ad and landing page A and does not convert, then they could see ads for offers B, C, or D in even rotation until they convert. For example, if someone landed on landing page A and you don’t want them to see an ad for that page again you would exclude people you visited landing page A from that segment and then they could see ads for landing page B, C,D. You enable this form of targeting by using negative audiences.

While no single tip or tactic is going to be a silver bullet, the cumulative impact of multiple tactics can ultimately make a huge difference and help you gain a competitive advantage. Here at Closed Loop, we believe success is about doing 1000 little things right and then keep them optimized at all times to ensure optimal results. We excel at this.

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