John Evans December 5, 2019

Jobvite offers the industry’s only candidate-centric recruiting platform. The full-funnel solution, including CRM, recruitment marketing, ATS, texting, and onboarding, is designed to create remarkable candidate experiences by engaging at every touchpoint from the first time they land on your career website to their first day on the job.

Clients goals

Jobvite needed to increase marketing qualified leads from a distinct professional cohort without an increase in their overall budget. Pinpoint targeting was required to ensure there would be no wasted spend in order to stretch their budget as far as possible.

Our Strategy

Closed Loop devised a campaign strategy using LinkedIn’s powerful B2B targeting capabilities. The targeting zeroed in on recruiters and talent leaders, then served distinct content to various personas and company sizes within that audience. Using Forager technology, we were able to blend Jobvite’s back end data with LinkedIn’s front-end data for a full-funnel view. Closed Loop was then able to quickly identify which ads, audiences, and campaigns were driving the most qualified leads to further fine-tune the campaign.

The Results

  •  4x return on investment
  •  75% reduction in cost per inquiry
  •  50% reduction in cost per opportunity