Our Approach

Since 2001, we’ve refined a proven process to produce outsized results for our clients. We’ve custom built the technology required to enable it and gathered together the strategic minds needed to lead it.

What Makes Us Different

Outsized Results


Our clients see an average performance lift of 190% in their first year working with us.

Repeated Success


We have helped over 100 companies achieve their growth goals.

Strong Partners


Our clients partner with us for more than five years on average.

Our Proven Process


1. Build Strategic Campaigns

Our digital advertising strategy for each client is based on their business strategies and objectives. We optimize to deep-funnel metrics and structure ad campaigns to ensure machine learning capabilities are maximized.


2. Test & Learn for Deep Insights

Our clients see quick improvements to their results. Our test & learn process coupled with our technology unlocks insights that enable us to buy the best performing ad traffic first. The resulting data gives us clarity on how to properly size and allocate large media budgets across ad platforms and targeting options.


3. Innovate & Lead

Our strategic account managers don’t just look for incremental improvements. Each quarter they use campaign results, our technology and their expertise to drive their client’s business forward. They provide strategic recommendations on new advertising channel opportunities and how to take advantage of changes to the marketplace that give our clients that powerful first-mover advantage.

Our Technology

We couldn’t do what we do without Forager, our custom-built data technology that integrates hyper-granular ad platform data with our clients’ back-end data systems. It gives us the end-to-end visibility needed for full-funnel optimization and unlocks deep insights by leveraging machine learning. It also provides our clients with custom BI dashboards they can use to actually run their business. Not just canned reports.

Our People

While our process is enabled by our technology, it’s orchestrated by our people. With an average of over 10 years of experience, our team knows how to keep your campaigns in strategic alignment with your business and how to get the 1,000 details right that keep your campaigns producing great results. Experienced people anticipate issues, focus on what matters, and keep their clients informed and confident.

“The campaigns created by Closed Loop are the Gold Standard and I wish more of our partners were able to produce this high level of work”
– Sr VP, Google

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