About Us A Different Kind of Digital Agency

Helping exceptional people and organizations achieve their potential.

Closed Loop was founded in 2001 and has managed over a half a billion dollars in advertising spend. We’re unassumingly headquartered near Sacramento, CA with locations across the nation. We are privately owned and proudly independent.

We help innovative companies maximize their results from digital advertising. But we define ourselves by our passion for our work and our commitment to our employees, customers and community.

How we’re different

It starts with our team. With an average of 11 years of digital advertising experience, you know your advertising accounts are in the hands of experts. Success in digital advertising is about doing 1,000 things right and then constantly adjusting them to maintain optimal performance. This is accomplished by applying our combined experience with our passion for driving results.

It’s transparency and collaboration. Want to know how we’re spending our time or where we’re at in the campaign optimization process? You’ll always know. Want to be a part of strategy development? We wouldn’t have it any other way. Why? Because we’ve found a better way to work – ensuring that everyone, client agency, is part of the solution.

It’s technology. We prefer to spend our time driving results, not compiling results. So we built Forager®, our proprietary technology that automates data collection and reporting while surfacing critical insights that give our clients an edge on the competition.

Our clients say it all

We have extremely high client satisfaction and retention rates. Our clients stay with us for years and their referrals are our primary source of new business. Those are all signs of happy clients. And nothing makes clients happier than exceeding expectations and driving great results.

Ready for better business results?