On Demand: The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Into CTV

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CTV is exploding as one of the fastest-growing channels for advertisers post-pandemic. By 2023, experts predict that CTV devices will constitute half of the digital video consumption among US adults.

Once upon a time, TV advertising was solely for the big brands with massive budgets. However, the rise of streaming TV on popular platforms like Hulu, Disney+, Sling and Roku has made TV advertising more accessible for big and small brands, with the option to target audiences effectively. Thanks to multiple platforms, different buys and creative opportunities for testing, savvy advertisers are leveraging CTV as part of their full-funnel marketing strategy.

Brands must be where their customers are. And that’s why our Closed Loop digital advertising experts created The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Into CTV to provide the knowledge, strategy and insight brands need to make CTV a valuable asset in their media mix.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to:

  • measure CTV ad performance the right way
  • understand the platforms available to advertisers
  • set up test budgets to drive scale and performance
  • target the right customers with first and third-party audiences 

Leverage CTV in your media plan and get rewarded with sophisticated targeting capabilities, real-time reporting and more engaged customers.


Stefanie Gonnella
Director of Programmatic Media, Closed Loop

Stefanie drives campaign impact through innovation by streamlining processes and driving efficiencies. As a 12-year-veteran in digital marketing on the client and agency side, she has helped multiple companies like Hilton Worldwide, Aveda, Clinique, Too Faced and Bobbi Brown across luxury, travel and hospitality verticals. Her specialties include programmatic and display advertising. 

Tommy Mama
Sr. Digital Advertising Manager, Closed Loop

Taking a holistic approach to strategic planning, Tommy finds creative ways to connect advertising efforts to business goals for Closed Loop clients. His experience in paid search, paid social, programmatic and B2B/B2C lead generation strategies provide intellectual insights for various verticals with multiple target goals. 

Amanda Tordanato
Sr. Digital Advertising Manager, Closed Loop

At Closed Loop, Amanda manages all programmatic buys through DV360. Her favorite part of media buying is overseeing planning and optimizations to ensure campaign success. The New England native finds excitement in locating new audiences, placements and out-of-the-box ways to reach customers. 

Stella Yorgensen
Digital Advertising Specialist, Closed Loop

Stella assists with the growing programmatic needs of brand partners at Closed Loop by creating and executes successful campaigns to meet clients’ goals. The University of Connecticut graduate is devoted to increasing ad efficiency and optimizing campaigns to serve key audiences. 


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