About > Lance Loveday Lance Loveday Founder and CEO

As Closed Loop CEO and founder, Lance helps organizations leverage user experience to maximize strategic advantage—especially finding the little UX details with the biggest impact. His work is guided by a few simple beliefs: Good user experience is good business. There’s always room for improvement. And companies that value design, UX, and the human element will outperform those that live and die only by the numbers.

With Sandra Niehaus, Lance co-wrote the breakout business strategy book Web Design for ROI . His educational background includes an exploratory tour of law school, preceded by a BS in Managerial Economics from UC Davis.

Lance, his wife Courtney, and their three children live in Northern California, where he enjoys reading and cycling. Luckily, he has zero plans to abandon Closed Loop in hopes of winning the Tour de France.

Lance brings strategic business thinking, humor, and years of online marketing experience to Web Design for ROI, cowritten with Sandra Niehaus.