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Let’s be honest.  Setting up a new PPC campaign or editing an existing one is a somewhat tedious process.  Granted AdWords Editor has eased some of those burdens, but still there are a lot of processes that are just downright timesucks to say the least.

Over time, I have stumbled upon tools which have helped minimize my time spent on menial, yet essential PPC tasks.  However, these tools were spread out over a variety of websites and there were some tweaks that I could envision that would make them even more suited to what I personally needed.

So at Closed Loop Marketing we realized one day, why don’t we just create some of these tools ourselves so that we can do our jobs even more efficiently AND get more out of our clients’ campaigns?  And our next thought – why not share these tools with other SEM practitioners so that we can all be freed up more to focus on strategy, instead of spending too much of our valuable time on tedious, lower-level, manual tasks.

So, with that, let me introduce four Closed Loop Marketing SEM Tools that I hope will be as helpful to our readers as they are to us.

1. Keyword Geo Targeting and Wrapper

The Old Timesuck:  If you are doing any local targeting, you know what a headache it is to capture all geographic variations of keywords.  People search by city, state, city/state combination, state abbreviations, zip code, etc, etc.  How can you be sure you’re covered on all variations?  And if you’re targeting a metropolitan area, have you covered all suburb names?  And what even are all of the suburb names?  What are the associated zip codes?!?

The New Timesaver:  Enter your keywords and provide the zip code and radius you are interested in targeting.  Additionally, choose your match type.  The Keyword Geo Targeting and Wrapper tool will provide you all city, state and zip code keyword variations.

In Action:

2. Keyword Permutations and Wrapper Tool

The Old Timesuck:  People search a billion different ways it seems and if our keyword lists aren’t robust we miss the opportunity to capture relevant traffic.  Are you sure you’re covering all singular and plural variations?  Common misspellings?  Reversals?  Word variations with hyphens vs spaces vs no spaces?  Across hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of keywords building all of these variations out manually is near impossible.

The New Timesaver:  Cover more bases by entering your keyword ‘parts’ into 2 or 3 different lists.  The Keyword Permutation and Wrapper tool will provide all permutations of your keywords for inclusion in your campaigns.

Side benefit:  less reliance on Broad Match.

In Action:

3. Keyword Wrapper

The Old Timesuck:  Ah yes… I remember, not-so-fondly, the days of actually going through my keyword lists and adding quotations manually for Phrase Match and brackets for Exact Match.  How annoying is it to have to apply match types keyword by keyword?  Open bracket, closed bracket, open bracket, closed bracket…  Ugh.

The New Timesaver:  Simply paste in your list, choose your match type(s) and a keyword list will be provided with the appropriate match type conventions applied.

In Action:

4. Keyword Cleaner

The Old Timesuck:  Keyword tools often spit out keywords in odd formats with random characters.  Manually cleaning these lists before providing to clients or entering into other engines is a pain in the…

The New Timesaver:  Copy and paste your list into the CLM Keyword Cleaner.  The tool will remove all extraneous bids, match type indicators and destination URLs.  The output is a list of your keywords in their raw form.

In Action:

With these SEM tools being in Beta, we are VERY open to feedback and suggestions.  Please let us know how these work for you.

Also, are there any other setup or management tasks that drive you crazy that we’ve overlooked that might have a simple automation solution?  Send ideas our way for possible future tools to add.  Chances are if it is one of your painpoints, it probably is one of ours too!