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brainhat What if you could inject usability test results directly into your design process – and do it quickly and easily?

Web and interface designers are in a unique and powerful position to serve as user advocates. By incorporating usability and conversion principles into design from the beginning of the process, designers can help ensure the user-friendliness and effectiveness of the end product.

Sounds great, right? But how (you may ask) can designers do this? Classes and reading are one way, of course – having a solid understanding of usability best practices and research will naturally influence design decisions. But getting from the theoretical to the applied can be a challenge, and best practices are not, in my experience, always sufficient. Ideally, each unique design is tested with representative users to validate whether it really accomplishes what’s expected.

Upcoming Articles on Usability Tests for Designers

Which brings me to a series of upcoming articles I’m writing for Notes on Design, the vibrant design community blog for the Sessions School of Design. Entitled “Quick & Easy Usability Tests for Designers,” this series will cover a number of quick, easy usability tests that designers can do in very little time and at low or no cost. The end result? Designers end up with validated designs, better end results and a growing understanding of the complex, powerful relationship between usability and design.

The first article in the series will be published next week, with four more planned to appear (one each week) thereafter, as time and schedule permit.

Check it out, and enjoy!