Articles > Digital Advertising Google Now Provides Search Volume Projections by Match Type

As I’m sure many of you already know, Google made a much-appreciated change to their Keyword Tool last week. Now, Google’s keyword tool provides actual search volume numbers, as opposed to the green bars you’ve seen in the past that represented low, average or high search volume.

One of our first questions upon hearing this news, was whether the search volume reported out by Google was based on the exact keyword or based on the volume for the keyword plus all of its Phrase and Broad Match iterations.

As it turns out, the tool allows you to pull search volume for all 3 of Google’s match types. For example, we entered ‘kids cell phones’ into the tool and searched it 3 separate times, each time changing the pull-down for match types. The data Google provided:

What a great feature!

Also important to note, is that the stats reported are based on the number of searches performed in Google and the Google Search Network only. Therefore, the 4,400 approximate searches you see above for the exact keyword ‘kids cell phones’ does not include the number of searches performed in other engines such as Yahoo or MSN.

The ability to pull search volume by match type is a unique feature that makes a very helpful addition to Google’s already-robust suite of tools for search engine marketers!