Digital Advertising Want growth and profitability?

We bend the laws of economics to get you both.

Getting the most out of your digital advertising takes more than just following a checklist of best practices. It requires a holistic, full-funnel approach that is unique to your business. We believe that there’s an ideal combination of channels and tactics that will yield maximum impact for every company. We’ll help you find yours.

What we do

Paid Search

Get results with outcome-driven paid search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, & More

Remarketing Strategy

Recapture potential customers with Google, Facebook, Quantcast & Twitter

Mobile App Advertising

Drive downloads of your mobile apps or bring users back into your mobile app

Display / Programmatic Advertising

Reach your awareness & direct response goals on top ad networks


Increase visibility beyond the web with a highly targeted in-app presence

International Campaigns

Expand beyond the US & Canada with ad strategies localized to your target markets

Paid Social

Engage your audience with highly relevant ads via Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Creative Development

Keep your ads fresh with custom copy, dynamic ads and ongoing testing & optimization

Mobile Ads

Target your audience anytime, anywhere with campaigns unique to mobile devices

Why Work With Us?

  • Our clients see a 30% average performance increase in the 1st year working with us. Even those with mature campaigns.
  • Experienced practitioners do all the work. No junior people here.
  • We use our own technology (Forager) that enables stunning reporting, tracking, and data analytics capabilities. It even integrates with your back-end systems.

Our client list is a Who’s Who list of high-growth companies. If we can do it for them, we can do it for you.

How We Do It


An elite advertising practitioner can produce 10x better results than a novice. Our rigid hiring process ensures we only hire the top practitioners. We call them “10x’ers”. Our digital advertising team members have:

  • An average of 11 years of paid search and digital advertising experience, ensuring your accounts are in the hands of an expert.
  • Excellent project management skills to help you wrangle timelines and deadlines.
  • Deep communication, reporting, and presentation skills so you always know what’s happening and why.
  • Unlimited access to training and development, including key industry conferences and events, to keep your accounts on the cutting edge.
  • Expertise in all industry-standard tools and processes for improved efficiency and productivity.


10x’ers prefer to spend their time driving results, not compiling reports. So we built a system that automates data collection and surfaces the most important insights quickly and easily. We call it Forager. It makes our people way more efficient, unlocks performance gains and enables amazing reporting and insights for our clients. It even integrates with your back-end systems to enable true Closed Loop reporting.


Success in digital advertising is about doing 1000 little things right, and then constantly adjusting them to achieve and maintain optimal performance at all times. We call our process for doing this the Closed Loop Edge. It’s the compilation of over 100 combined years of digital advertising experience and it’s what enables us to produce huge gains in both sales/lead volume and ROI for our clients from the moment we take over.

Our Partners

We’ve developed great relationships with the major ad platforms and frequently take advantage of opportunities available only through the AdWords Beta program. Many of our clients have seen huge successes by using the latest innovations in Search long before competitors even know they exist.


“The campaigns created by Closed Loop are the gold standard and I wish more of our partners were able to produce this high level of work.”


Effortless Engagement

Before you sign any contracts, you’ll meet the point person who will actually work on your campaigns. They will audit your current account structure and outline our planned improvements as part of our preliminary work and pitch process. As a result your primary campaign manager will already understand your goals and expectations for online advertising and can hit the ground running when it comes time to kick things off.

Your campaign manager is your primary point of contact at all times. They have strategic control over every aspect of your campaigns and also lead the team of specialists assigned to your account. Because Digital Advertising has become so specialized we assign experts in Search, Social, and Display to every account to ensure no stone is left unturned in our quest for maximum performance.

Ready for better business results?