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Digital Advertising campaigns require a great Customer Acquisition program to be fully effective. We go beyond basic landing page optimization to help you build better customer acquisition programs for a long-term competitive advantage.

One-time, incremental conversion rate improvements are great. But improvements that widen all of your acquisition funnels is what really maximizes results. When conversion optimization principles are combined with a deep understanding of your audience and the learnings are applied across your entire user experience, the results can be truly astronomical.

Areas of expertise

Landing Page Optimization

Maximize the power of your paid media with targeted landing pages

Funnel Optimization

Reduce friction in your key funnels to increase overall conversions

Conversion Rate Optimization

A systematic approach to continuous testing to ensure maximum ROI

Analytics & Tracking

Understand customer behavior from initial click to conversion

Dashboard Development

Develop custom dashboards to track the most important metrics for your business

Data & Insights

Combine good data with strategic insights to create actionable intelligence

“Closed Loop’s strong UX design expertise and iterative testing plan doubled conversion rates across our landing pages.” – Lauren Pattison, VP Marketing, Blurb

Why Work With Us?

  • Our clients see a 30% average performance increase in the 1st year working with us. Even those with mature campaigns.
  • Experienced practitioners do all the work. No junior people here.
  • We use our own technology (Forager) that enables stunning reporting, tracking, and data analytics capabilities. It even integrates with your back-end systems.

How We Do It

Developing and executing a great customer acquisition program is hard. You need the right systems, tools, processes and people all working in concert to be effective. And you have to constantly balance organizational goals with user needs. We excel at helping our clients gain the customer insights needed to help them go beyond incremental gains to achieve game-changing increases in conversion and acquisition across all of their key funnels. We then help them to apply those learnings across all of their channels to achieve maximum impact. We customize our approach for each client’s needs, but our basic process follows these steps.

1. Assessment

We start with a comprehensive qualitative review to understand how visitors use the site. What do they want to accomplish? What are their concerns? Are we meeting their expectations? What causes them to hesitate and lose faith in your site? What can we learn from what your competitors are doing?

We also conduct a quantitative review to help us establish a performance baseline. What are the highest traffic pages and paths? Where are we seeing high dropoff rates? Which areas have the biggest impact on your bottom line? What segments, funnels and channels tend to perform best?

2. Synthesis & Prioritization

Overlaying the qualitative and quantitative reviews enables us to spot opportunities for improvement. We then score each opportunity on multiple criteria (Ease, Impact, Upside, etc.) and then stack rank the opportunities to arrive at a prioritized list. That list then gets translated into a testing and optimization action plan, with timelines and owners.

3. Test Execution

Following the action plan, we provide whatever services are needed to help execute tests. We’re able to scale resources up and down to meet clients’ needs and dovetail seamlessly with your internal resources.

  • Clearly document test hypotheses
  • Develop problem-specific test strategies to test those hypotheses
  • Craft user experience improvements to be tested
  • Align testing plans to ensure statistical significance and other test requirements are achieved
  • Support the testing process as needed, including deploying tests ourselves when needed
  • Analyze and apply results, develop body of knowledge, help communicate findings/results and improve ongoing operational effectiveness

4. Measure

In a perfect world all of the analytics systems, dashboards and customer feedback mechanisms are perfectly instrumented so we have a single source of truth for all data and agreement on how it should be used and interpreted. That’s the promise. The reality is that we usually find a gap in the data/analytics/tracking infrastructure that needs to be filled before we can do our best work. So we work with clients to solve those issues as part of our offering. Sometimes this is a first step in our engagements, and sometimes it comes later. But we get a chance to use our deep analytics, tracking and data visualization skills in all of our engagements.

With us you get

  • Experienced and well-rounded customer acquisition strategists who have deep expertise in marketing, analytics, user experience, and CRO methodologies and tools
  • Holistic, integrated strategies built on both quantitative & qualitative factors
  • More than just testing – deep engagement means we help you become more effective as an organization

“Working with Closed Loop has been a dream come true! I have participated in many similar projects and Closed Loop’s professionalism, organized approach, responsiveness, and sheer design talent are all quite impressive.” – Rebecca Ramme,VP Business Development

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