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Netstock is a Supply Chain Planning software leader that integrates with ERP systems, automatically processing data to deliver intelligent supply chain insights rapidly. Netstock’s Predictive Planning Suite™ helps users unlock operating cash and enables increased visibility and collaboration across their businesses.

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Competing in a fierce market, Netstock struggled to control costs while driving pipeline volume. They turned to Closed Loop to improve efficiency of their digital advertising programs globally. Success meant generating pipeline at a low cost per SQL.


The team first identified PPC keywords and ad groups wasting spend to establish pipeline growth and efficiency. Instantly, Netstock experienced a boost in efficiency. Soon after, PPC campaigns were restructured to align with a modern, growth-focused strategy. Data visibility was also improved by blending their back-end CRM data with front-end metrics from advertising platforms to provide smarter insights for optimization and reporting purposes.

Enhanced conversion measurements and advertising-specific landing pages were also implemented to improve attribution in countries with robust privacy protections. Once the aforementioned optimizations were executed, an emphasis was placed on testing new tactics, messaging and creative across territories and audiences to improve performance and increase scale incrementally.


As a result of the high-touch partnership with Closed Loop, Netstock’s advertising campaigns experienced a total transformation under our agency’s management. Today, the brand is empowered to drive pipeline growth efficiently with a smarter, agile strategy. 

Since the start of the engagement, Netstock has surpassed quarterly pipeline goals for three consecutive quarters. Additionally, the supply chain software company has effectively increased sales qualified leads SQLs) by +108% while reducing cost per SQL by -20%, and decreasing the amount of disqualified leads for ‘No Response’ by 32%. 

  • Surpassed quarterly pipeline goals for 3 consecutive quarters
  • Sales qualified leads (SQLs) increased by +108%
  • Cost per SQL decreased by 20%
  • Disqualified leads reduced by -32% 


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