John Evans December 5, 2019

myFICO is the consumer division of FICO, launched in 2001 to help consumers get their FICO® Score directly from the people that make the FICO Score. myFICO enables consumers to monitor their credit & identity to help achieve their financial goals.

Client goals

myFICO came to Closed Loop looking to increase their overall revenue from paid search while also improving profitability on campaigns. Non-Brand terms, in particular, were losing money and the campaigns were too reliant on brand terms.

Our Strategy

Using Forager, Closed Loop was able to blend myFICO’s lifetime value data with original ad source data to reveal where there were opportunities for growth as well as improvements for efficiency. The Closed Loop team went to work restructuring the campaigns to provide better control over budget, optimize the use of match types and keyword selection, and reinforce searchers’ intent in the ad copy.

The Results

  •  64% increase in revenue
  •  70% increase in profitability
  •  44% increase in conversion rate