Exponential Advertising Audit Exponential Advertising Audit

Our comprehensive audit includes over 50 data visualizations and pinpoints areas of opportunity to help you grow qualified leads and maximize ROI.

What is the audit?   

Our comprehensive Exponential Advertising Audit will provide you with an in-depth report of the upside available in all areas of your digital advertising. When the report is complete, we’ll present the results over a web conference and send you the full document.

Why should I do it?   

So you know if you’re leaving money on the table.  Make sure you are getting the absolute most Lead Volume and ROI out of your digital advertising program.

How long does it take?   

4-7 days

How much does it cost?   


What access do you need?   


Is there a catch?  

Nope.  If everything looks good in your campaigns, we’ll tell you so.  If there’s an opportunity to improve, we’ll show you exactly where it is and how to do it.

If you’d like Closed Loop to manage your campaigns, we can do that too!

What does the Audit Cover?

  • Key Metrics (Impression Share, Spend by Match Type, CPA)
  • Spend Hierarchy (Channel & Platform Spend Distribution)
  • Account Structure (Campaign & Ad Group Organization)
  • Account Settings (Dayparting, Ad Rotation, Distribution, Geotargeting, etc.)
  • Bidding Strategy (ROI vs. Position)
  • Keyword Strategy (Match Type, Depth, QS, Search Query Reports, etc.)
  • Ad Copy Creative (Continuity, Testing, Differentiation, CTA, Automation, etc.)
  • Landing Page (Continuity, Design for Conversion)
  • Tracking & Metrics (Conversion tracking, GA Usage)
  • Display Campaigns (Placement, Ad Formats, Multivariate Ad Testing)
  • Remarketing Campaigns (Audiences & Conversions)
  • Social Campaigns (Placement Targeting, Audience Targeting Expansion, Campaign Budgets, Video Strategy, etc.)

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