How We’re Different Building a different kind of agency

Fact: Agencies are only as good as the people who work there.

Uncomfortable Truth: Good people are expensive and hard to find.

Traditional Solution: Use the good people to sell clients, and then hire junior people to do the work.

Our View: That might have worked in the Mad Men days. But the little details MATTER in the Digital Advertising world. Success in digital advertising is about doing 1000 little things right, and then constantly adjusting them to achieve and maintain optimal performance at all times. It’s not like driving a car. It’s more like flying the space shuttle. A few small mistakes can compound and hurt performance quickly – sometimes disastrously. So farming the detail work to less experienced people is actually a recipe for disaster, because the sophisticated advertisers you’re competing with will make fewer mistakes and start gaining an advantage on you, perhaps without you even knowing it. So to achieve the best performance it’s critical that you have the absolute best team managing your campaigns.

How do we ensure our clients have the best team managing their accounts?

The answer? Only hire the best senior practitioners.

Which means we had to break the typical agency mold.

So we set out to build a different type of company. We’ve blazed our own trail and pioneered a new hiring and agency management paradigm that enables us to hire only the very best senior people (we call them 10x’ers) and then turn them loose to do their best work free of bureaucratic constraints. Our people love it as they have a lot of freedom and the chance to make a big impact in a supportive environment that encourages continuous learning. Also, it turns out 10x’ers really like working with other 10x’ers, as they keep each other sharp and constantly challenge each other to improve. Most important, our clients love it because they get to work directly with seasoned practitioners and have direct access to true subject matter experts. Everyone wins.

In a world of agency sameness, it pays to think different.

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