Solve complex UX challenges.

At Closed Loop we collaborate with you to identify, prioritize, and implement powerful, memorable digital experiences that engage customers and drive profits.

UX strategy and design projects are in-depth consulting engagements tailored to fit the goals of each client. In the UX strategy phase, we use multiple visioning and analysis practices to identify opportunities and prioritize those with the highest impact. This stage can include services such as expert reviews, business case creation, stakeholder presentations, test plan creation, financial modeling, and roadmap development.

In the design phase, we use human-centered design methodologies to create the solution or experience indicated by strategy results. This can include services such as experience map creation, wireframe and prototype development, and high-fidelity design.

That’s where many UX agencies stop. But we don’t think the job is done until an experience is launched and measured. So we carry each project through to launch—or at least as close as we can get. Where possible, we also use iterative testing to refine the user experience and gain additional business benefit.

The right fit

Our UX strategy and design clients are interested in discovering key business opportunities and solving complex, wide-ranging UX challenges. Some of these engagements are standalone projects spanning months; others are retainer-based relationships lasting years. We limit the number of concurrent UX strategy and design clients to ensure that each receives our complete attention.

What we’re working on now

For a major multichannel retailer, we performed an in-depth study of a specialized ecommerce process—combining real-world insights from onsite ethnographic research with online competitive analysis and heuristic reviews. Our findings led to multiple recommendations, from small design tweaks that yielded major effects to blue-sky visions for the future.
A Fortune 100 B2C financial services company engaged us to redesign its global site navigation to improve both customer experience and business return. To identify opportunities and build the business case, we conducted financial modeling and competitive testing, then presented results and recommendations. The design phase was fed by input from demographic research, information architecture testing, and multiple rounds of iterative usability tests on functional prototypes. We shepherded the navigation through to launch on the live site, where it continues to far outperform the original.

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