Producing better quality leads at higher volume, while lowering cost per acquisition.

Getting the most out of your SEM & digital media takes more than just keyword optimization and bid management. It requires a holistic, full-funnel approach to building and managing campaigns that are often part of a complex sales cycle.

We develop SEM & digital media strategies for both B2B and B2C with a specialty in lead generation for high-tech, B2B companies. Our methods typically result in:

  • Better lead quality
  • Increases in qualified leads
  • More conversions and sales
  • Lowered cost per acquisition

Using a combination of search, remarketing and display targeting, we drive results across a wide range of platforms including Google AdWords, Bing/Yahoo, Facebook, Quantcast, Rocket Fuel, Twitter, LinkedIn, AdRoll & more.

How We’re Different

  • Expertise: Our search managers have, on average, 10 years of industry experience and you’ll be interacting directly with the person who is actually doing the work on your campaigns. As a result, what you get is clear, well-supported, and data-driven strategies for increasing sales and performance, straight from an expert who understands your business.
  • Adaptability: We don’t rely on automation software to manage your campaigns for you. We use technology for deeper insights but the strength of our approach is in the dedicated manager who can make strategic decisions and respond to changes faster, and with more flexibility.
  • Continual Optimization: We perpetually test campaign elements and evaluate new platform features to make sure we’re taking advantage of any opportunities that could improve your results.
  • Communication: We ask questions to fully understand your goals, keep you closely involved in strategy development, and report progress clearly and concisely.
  • Transparency: You have full access and visibility to your campaigns and the results of our work. We also don’t use black-box technologies or try to make our work seem mysterious or too complicated to explain.
  • Relevance: Everything we deliver is clear, actionable, and optimized for relevance and understanding – not just for you, but for your other team members and internal stakeholders as well.
  • Flexibility: We don’t believe in forcing clients into long-term contracts, so we don’t use them. Most of our clients stay with us for years because they see measurable, ongoing increases in ROI.

Our Methodology

We go beyond simply maintaining your accounts – we partner with you to capitalize on opportunities to grow your business through tightly optimized campaigns. This requires a holistic approach that includes:

  • Media Strategy: We start by gaining a complete understanding of your business: your goals, your competitors and your audience. From this, we’ll develop an overarching digital media strategy to meet your business objectives.
  • Search Strategy: After evaluating which search engines will best meet your global objectives, we develop a comprehensive list of keywords using various competitive research tools along with proprietary data mining techniques.
  • Remarketing Strategy: Remarketing is a powerful tool for recapturing potential customers after they’ve visited your site. We’ll help you find the best way to remarket your offerings through Google, Facebook, Quantcast and Bizo.
  • Social Media Advertising Strategy: We’ll help you determine if advertising on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube will be an effective strategy for reaching your key influencers and increasing engagement from social media platforms.
  • Landing Page Strategy: The landing pages you use for your ads shouldn’t be an afterthought, they should be considered an extension of the searcher’s experience. We’ll help you develop a landing page strategy that maximizes the power of your paid media.
  • Ad Copy Development and Testing: Multiple ads are created for each Ad Group and a systematic test plan is devised for ongoing optimization. We carefully consider the searcher’s intent, product differentiators, special offers, search engine quality scoring guidelines and landing page.
  • Conversion Tracking: Full-funnel visibility is critical to proper optimization. We work with you to make sure conversion tracking is functioning correctly, provides visibility into lead quality, and extends through as much of the sales cycle as possible.
  • Bid Strategy: Updates are made frequently and regularly to ensure peak performance. We adjust bids and optimize each ad using bid modifiers for time, day of the week, location, and device.
  • Budget Optimization: Optimizing budgets across the portfolio to meet your digital media goals. Regular budget reviews are part of the process to ensure you’re not spending money needlessly.
  • Reporting: We report on progress regularly and thoroughly to make sure you know how your account is performing, and keep campaigns aligned with larger business goals.

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