Head and heart. Logical and intuitive. Process and product. We go above and beyond to deliver—and we do it by exercising our curiosity, creativity, and expertise in the service of your business.

Working with Closed Loop

When you hire us, you invest time, money, and resources in what we do. You want results, but you also want a team you can work with. And we want the opportunity to have real impact.

We believe that:
  • Cultural fit is as important as strategic fit.
  • Process is as important as product—in fact, process determines product.
  • Research, testing, and measurement have a lot to teach us. But they’re no substitute for vision.

At Closed Loop, we understand the digital experience in all its aspects, from search marketing to cross-platform interface design, and we know how each part serves the whole. If you engage us to handle one element—say, SEM or user research—we always consider how it contributes to the complete user experience. And on larger projects, we know how to coordinate multiple elements to serve a common goal.

We work primarily by referral—we’ve found it the best way to connect with clients that need what we have to offer, and that understand the value of what we do. The most successful engagements are those where we work closely with a client’s team, collaborating at each step of the process toward a shared goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions clients often ask about working with us:

Who’s your ideal client?

Generally, we work best with medium- to enterprise-sized companies with the resources to devote to this level of engagement. Companies that know what they want, and that give us the freedom to put our best work in its service.

How much do you charge?

Our pricing is on the medium to high end of the scale. Our clients work with us—and come back for more—because we deliver real value.

Why don’t you name your clients?

We think it keeps our interests aligned with our clients. We aren’t trying to win awards or use our client list to get new business. Most of our clients also appreciate that they can work with us discreetly.

I’m intrigued. What’s the next step?

Interested? Contact us and let us know about your business and the challenges you’re looking to solve.